Who else- A few years ago, I had an amazing idea for a mentorship group for teen girls. I was proud of my idea and knew I was going to make a real impact in my community. I remember sharing the idea with a co-worker and to my surprise, she said these pivotal words to me, “we’re doing that now”. I smiled and went back to my office, hurt and discouraged. I really thought I was the only one with the idea. The statement, there is nothing new under the sun, is true. Don’t think you're the only one with a smart and amazing idea. Be prepared to adjust, and not abandon if you find out someone else thought of the same thing. The idea will have your signature imprint.

2). Why now- Before you launch, you should know if your targeted market is ready for your goods and services now. What did they use prior to your product? Will they “try out” your goods and services because you’re the

new shinny penny? Remember you’re in business to establish, build, and retain your client base for the long-haul. A shoe salesperson isn’t excited because a person tries on several pairs of shoes. The excitement is when they “buy” and come back again and again buy.

3). Share- Create a small and trustworthy focus group (family, friends, or potential clients) to get the feedback on your goods and services. When a television show is created, they start with a pilot show that is then shown to a small audience. The purpose is to determine if the show is good enough for the viewing audience and will they make money. If the pilot fails, minimum invested is loss. You want to know, just how good or bad your goods and services are before making a substantial capital investment.

Failure to test your idea will cost you more than money...it could cost you your business's reputation.