To create an open permission environment, first educate the management team that the company stakeholders are not just the investors but the entire company at large. Growing and making the company better is everyone’s top priority. When employees are given open permission from the entire management team to be creative thinkers, a company will soon discover their next big idea is from someone sitting in a cubicle.


  1. Establish a digital repository for employees to submit their ideas as well as opinions and offer an incentive.
  2. Create and “Idea Exchange Task Force (IETF)”, comprised of management and employees from various departments to review and catalog every idea submitted.
  3. The IETF will present their findings to senior management and if the top idea(s) are approved, then management will invest resources.
  4. Acknowledge the employee(s) who presented the winning idea(s), promote internally, social media, and offer a cash incentive.

    Employees are more invested in a company that values their contributions.

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